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Kay Hougaard - Healer, coach and developer of Mental Training Programs

Author of “The Book on ADHD & ADD - Sensitive Children & Adults” and "The Book on Cancer".
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I have been working with energy, healing and Martial Arts for many years and have always been following my intuition solely.

Right in the beginning of the year 2013 I woke up one morning and felt that I should stop eating. It felt easy and very natural, even though I did not quite understand what was going on at first. After approximately 3 weeks, drinking only water, I knew that my task is to learn other people how to live on Light or Universal Energy, which it actually is.

To be able to live on Universal Energy was made possible with the Global Shift of Energy and Consciousness on December 21st 2012. Many ancient cultures predicted this shift. Among others it was written down in the Mayan Calendar, which is probably the one known to most people.

Round 2042/2043 all humans will be able to start getting nourished from Universal Energy all by themselves. Until then I have developed a special initiation activating the center in the brain, that makes it possible to live on Energy. I am the only one who can give this initiation. Before the Shift in december 2012 it was not possible to activate the center in the brain.

It is a natural part of the Human Evolution to live on Energy. So I have developed different seminars, so that everyone can learn this.

Today I eat only 0-10% from what I did earlier, cause I still like to enjoy some delicious food with friends and family.

On a daily basis I manage a large treatment center in Aarhus. We offer various treatments like Acupuncture, Healing, Iris Analysis, Coaching, Holistic Psychology, Kinesiology, Aura Analysis and Thai Massage, just to mention some.

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Go visit too and get to know my new program Modern Shapeshifting that will change your life forever.

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